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Arizona Racing Models | Mac's Modeling
For the finest in precision Formula One, MotoGP and Sports Car model kit after-market parts and accessories, and for custom built kits, be sure and visit my very good friend Ian MacFarlane at either of the websites above.

Fax Foods
For highly authentic food replicas for the grocery, restaurant and food merchandising industries, please be sure and visit my close friend Judy Prestininzi (president) at Fax Foods. Their professionally designed and manufactured displays dramatically increase sales and reduce costly waste, thereby substantially increasing profit margins.

Titanic Historical Society, Inc.
Established in 1963, The Titanic Historical Society is the premier source for Titanic and White Star Line information. This is the original and largest Titanic society in the world.

Trans-Atlantic Designs, Inc.
Trans-Atlantic Designs Inc., was formed in 1987 with a single purpose: to answer the call of so many who desired high quality, affordable prints of Ken Marschall's legendary Titanic artwork. Located in Redondo Beach, California, they are proud to be your exclusive source for the largest collection of Titanic prints by Ken Marschall, the acknowledged master of Titanic art.

Fantail Publishing and Art Work
Fantail Publishing and Art Work feature the books and Titanic-related art work of Paul Quinn. Galleries include oil paintings and digital images with survivor quotes that bring the Titanic story to life.

The Queen Mary
Berthed in Long Beach, California, the Queen Mary features a variety of attractions, as well as a 308 stateroom hotel. Please contact the Queen Mary for information, directions and pricing.

Michael C. Daily Design Consultants
"Planning Your Dream Home?"- Michael C. Daily Design Consultants, LLC, one of the leading Southwestern, Mediterranean and Spanish style residential design firms, blends beauty with modern amenities for truly authentic and luxurious living spaces.

Tower Hobbies
Large supplier of domestic and imported models of all types, and modeling supplies. Featuring over 55,000 items

Squadron Hobbies
Large supplier of domestic and imported models of all types, and modeling supplies. Extensive line of reference material. Featuring over 24,000 items.

Jeff Bottoms/JPB Residential Design, LLC |
Jeff is a highly sought after architect in the Phoenix and Scottsdale (AZ) areas. His designs link old-world architecture with ultra modern amenities. Feel free to contact Jeff directly in regards to meeting the demands of your next architectural project.

Gil Mares "Harbor Abstracts"
For the ultimate in abstract nautical photography, be sure and visit my close friend Gil Mares and his "Harbor Abstracts" stunningly beautiful line of prints. Gil's professional photos capture images in such a unique and profound format, that they are in a class by themselves.

Rocketfin Hobbies
A must-see website for both current and out of production model kits of all types, imported and domestic, plastic and resin. They also carry an extensive line of reference material, books, apparel & much, much more. Too many to list them all. Don't miss this one. (Bruce said so!)

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