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All models listed below are available directly from Grand Prix Reproductions and are furnished (standard) with Plexiglas cases, machined oak bases and engraved brass plaques. Custom engraving is available at no extra charge.

Prices quoted are with GPR furnishing the kit. Should you supply a kit from your private collection, or not be in need of the case, base or plaque, prices can be adjusted accordingly. Shipping and Insurance are additional and will fluctuate with each individual order. Every order is unique, and therefore we custom make each model to your individual specifications and needs. No project is manufactured until it is ordered.

Please contact GPR for more details and shipping information.


"Skies Over Europe" Series

The "Skies Over Europe" Series of WWI aircraft are constructed with kits from a variety of world-wide manufacturers.
Due to the variation in costs of the kits, different displays of the same scale can fluctuate in price. Aircraft (of any scale) may be combined (see Fokker Dr.1/Sopwith Camel photos) to create an aerial dogfight scenario. Your only limit is overall physical size of the completed project and, of course, budget. They are available as in-flight (Fokker DVII/Sopwith Camel/Fokker Dr.1), or in a "grounded" (Pfalz E.1) setting. Each scenario is custom made to your unique requirements and needs.

1915 German Pfalz E.1 1/48th scale, $395

1917 German Fokker Dr.1 1/72nd scale, $250

1917 British Sopwith F.1 Camel 1/72nd scale, $250

1917 German Fokker Dr.1 & British Sopwith F.1 Camel in Aerial Dogfight 1/72nd scale, $495

1918 German Fokker D.VIIF 1/72nd scale, $250

A complete list of all models available in the "Skies Over Europe" series in a printable PDF document.

Le Rhone 9C 80hp Rotary WWI Aircraft Engine 1/6th scale, $425


1980 Yamaha YZR500 500cc World Champion motorcycle (ridden by Kenny Roberts) 1/12th scale, $995

1990 Canon Williams FW13B (driven by Riccardo Patrese) 1/20th scale, $450

The 1963 World Champion (Jim Clark) Lotus 25 model 1/20th scale, $395

Projects in Progress
  > 1977 JPS Lotus 78 (Mk. III) Formula 1 car Andretti/Nilsson, 1/12th scale (15" length).
A beautiful display and includes simulated tarmac (see the 1963 Lotus 25) & photo-etched details. Price TBD.

  > 1983 Honda NS500 Grand Prix Motorcycle, 1/12th scale (6 1/2" length).
A 3 cylinder, 2 stroke, 500cc World Champion ridden by Freddie Spencer. Price TBD.


USS North Carolina BB55 WWII Battleship 1/700th scale, $325

Imperial Japanese Navy WWII aircraft carrier Akagi (led the assault on Pearl Harbor) 1/700th scale, $350

Imperial Japanese Navy WWII aircraft carrying cruiser Mogami 1/350th scale (22 1/2" length)
A museum quality display complete with 11 aircraft and photo-etched details. Available directly from GPR, $1195

Queen Mary 2 1/600th scale, $1195

Queen Mary 1/600th scale, $1495
Also available at the Queen Mary Store on board the RMS Queen Mary, Long Beach, California.

USS Missouri BB63 1/350th scale, $1500

Fletcher Class Destroyer DD445 1/350th scale, $495

Projects in Progress
  > Titanic Lifeboat (wood), 1/35th scale (11 1/4" long).
Price TBD. Call for details.


Projects in Progress
  > Robert Trevithicks' (1771-1833) 1804 Steam Locomotive, 1/32nd scale (8 1/4" length).
Price TBD.

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