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About Jeff Alderman

Since my first model, a Chevrolet Corvette in 1966 through my most recent project, I have maintained one philosophy - do the best job that you can. From using the best tools and paints, right down to the glues and epoxies that hold everything together, I have always maintained the fact that the best possible models are created from the best possible materials.

My 30+ year long passion for scale model building is evident in every project that leaves my office. For all intents and purposes, my 'signature' is on every one. Presentation and the quality of your finished work is everything - it is a reflection of who you are and your attitude about what you do.

I feel that if I can give my clients the best job, at a competitive price, and in the most reasonable amount of time, I give them absolutely no reason to go elsewhere for their scale modeling needs. Hopefully you might feel that way as well.

Oh, and here are some of my accomplishments!

1918 German Fokker D.VIIF 1/72nd scale. From the "Skies Over Europe" Series

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